Social Media Interview with Consultant Charlotte Howells

Charlotte is an award winning freelance social media and online content specialist who works with a number of SME’s in defining their social media propositions and helps create and develop their content marketing initiatives. Charlotte kindly agreed to be included in my collection of digital marketing interviews , to shed some light on the latest trends in social, useful tools to assist your own social media campaigns and her thoughts on the digital marketing scene..







Tell us a little about Charlotte….

I’m a freelance digital marketing consultant, mainly working on social media and content marketing.

How long have you been working in digital marketing?
I started as a blog editor for online publishing start up Shiny Media in 2006. It was a great foundation for a career in digital marketing as social media and blogging were really just taking off.



What types of organisations have you worked for?
I’ve been lucky enough to work both client and agency side, for a variety of different sectors in both massive and tiny organisations. Although I learnt a lot working for large organisations like Mars, Lloyds Bank and the Met Office, now I’m really enjoying working with SMEs.



Your consultancy, – sell it to us in a tweet?
My focus is on helping businesses do digital marketing, especially social media and online content, in a way that gets measurable results



You’ve blogged a lot about the importance in writers to perfect their digital copywriting skills – can you provide a few key areas to consider writing for the web?
1. Use plain english and short sentences.
2. Break up your text with subheadings.
3. Utilise lists, they’re easy to read on a screen.



You have worked for a number of organisations in leading their social media strategies – where should a company start from in planning a social media strategy?
Always with objectives – start with what you want to achieve and then work out how you can achieve it through social media. The book Social Media ROI provides a good structure for strategic social media.



Justifying the investment in social media is sometimes difficult for organisations to demonstrate. Do you have any recommendations on how this could be quantified?
Yes! It all comes back to objectives, you need to decide if and how social media can help you meet your business goals and justify the cost that way. Another way of looking at it is to consider how much it could cost your business if you don’t do social media. People will talk about you whether you like it or not and if you’re not ready to respond it could cost you dearly.



The growth in free and paid for social media tools seems to grow and grow every month! What key tools do you use for your social media work?
I wrote a (growing!) list of all the tools I use but some I use the most often are Buffer, Tweetdeck, Google Analytics and Social Bro.


FloatStories seems an interesting project you have launched – can you provide us some more insights?

 I used to write blogs on action sports and missed it so I created it as a space I could blog about non-digital related stuff I was interested in. Most of my spare time and money is dedicated to surfing or snowboarding so it’s fun to have a space to share that online!





Any advice for a newbie digital marketer learning the trade?
Immerse yourself in digital, digital and especially social media is becoming a very popular career choice but if you live and breathe it you will stand out.



What are your thoughts on the next frontier/challenge for digital marketing?
I think the area larger businesses are struggling with at the moment is digital transformation – becoming a truly digital organisation is actually more difficult for big organisations than small businesses who can be more agile in their adoption of digital.




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