Lovefilm – a display of remarkable of customer service

For the first time in a number of years, I received remarkable customer service. This was online customer service at it’s best through social media, delivered through Twitter by LoveFilm. I recently received a DVD through the post sent by Lovefilm, but it was cracked!

I was stuck with the delights of terrestrial TV and watching a masterclass in football provided by Spain, inflicted on Scotland. In my frustration I tweeted I’d received a damaged DVD from Lovefilm, expecting nothing more…but fast forward a few hours Lovefilm had acknowledged this, responded, apologised and provided me with the necessary action I needed to take.

Lovefilm clearly empower and allow their employees to provide an input into their social media company rule book, giving them the authority to respond and make a decision to customer concerns and feedback – something that’s refreshing to see. 

As Seth Godin writes in his book, Linchpin, “When your organisation becomes more human, more remarkable,faster on its feet and more likely to connect with customers, it becomes indispensable” Hats off to Lovefilm and keep up the great work.

PS – I am not an employee of Lovefilm and I’m not expecting any free DVD’s, but in this day and age, browse a few forums, run a Google search and its easy to find comments on companies being criticised for bad customer service. Why not celebrate some of the success out there too

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