LEJOG – Day 3: Moretonhampstead to Street

Day 3 – Moretonhampstead to Street – 74 MilesPeak Tours Roadside Recovery

Onto Day 3 of LEJOG and a slighly longer day was in store, where we would be ending the day in Somerset. The first two days were a real test of exactly how much training we had/hadn’t put in for this “end to end” challenge, and the third day was no exception.

The guesthouse served us with a full fry-up which set us on our way, apart from the tour leader, Steve who opted for a a healthy plate of fruit?! One thing is for sure when embarking on a LEJOG tour, no matter how many days you are planning, it is definitely worth stocking up on as much food as you can during meal times as you’re sure to burn these calories off.

After the early morning briefing, we set off following our LEJOG cycle route, and as I was quickly learning, you can really rely on Devon to provide you with yet another enduring ascent as we left Moretonhampstead and onto the B3212, that, 11 miles later, led us into Devon’s capital city, Exeter.

Exeter also brought us back into the land of mobile phone reception and I could also send the first “tweet” of the tour to inform my followers (all 12 of them) that no, I had not gone westwards from Land’s End, but was about to head north, out of Exeter and onto Somerset…Before heading out of Exeter, my wife Oonagh and friend Frenchie met up with us – great to see some support come out, and just what was needed.

After saying my goodbye’s and Oonagh providing me with an extra supply of jelly babies, we were off, and for the first time, I took our LEJOG yellow jersey as I guided the group through Exeter and back out into the countryside cycling through Pinhoe, Whimple and Talaton which is where we stopped for a hearty lunch.

As with all our lunch stops, Peak tours do a fantastic job of organising a place to meet for lunch. Usually at a pub, the usual custom is for us to buy a few drinks in the pub car park to show appreciation to the landlord that he/she is giving up their car park to us. On this occasion, the chef of the pub took issue with us setting up lunch in the car park, no idea why, I think he had been on them Deb’n Ciders….

And then…the mother of all hills to tackle…(As a side note, if you are reading this blog, planning to take on LEJOG and happen to be Devon based, I would urge you to practise, practise and practise on the following hill. It is situated as we cycled through Broadhembury, following signs for Dunkeswell and Sheldon. Rest assured at the top, are some splendid panoramic views!)

At the top, it does (thankfully) level out and we cycled onto Smeatharpe, past a stock car stadium and anti tank gun(!) and we were then into Somerset, descending into Corfe, past Taunton racecourse and then following the A378 as it snaked through the Somerset countryside past Langport, Somerton, Littleton, Compton Dundon and into Street.

Our accomodation for the night was the YHA in Street, which had the appearance of a Swiss chalet, It must surely be one of the oldest YHA buildings in the UK.

It was decided to order in a takeaway for the evening and we all devoured various pizzas, spare ribs, chips, chocolate etc etc and off for an early night….Day 3 was done.

I would like to thank you for taking the time to read my LEJOG Blog. I hope you’ve found it interesting and feel free to post your thoughts and comments. Once again, thank you for visiting Simon’s LEJOG blog

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