Freshen up your online content for Google

On Friday 4th November, Google announced a further modification to their search algorithm by introducing a “freshness” measure to ensure the latest up to date results are given preference within the search engine results pages.

It’s been a busy year for the search engine as it looks to make notable changes to results what with the Panda update and starting to encrypt keyword data for logged in Google users, this having a negative impact for SEO’s as specific keyword data will no longer be available through analytics programs.

So back to this latest change – Let’s say you search on Google for news stories related to the Olympics – you’ll notice the official London 2012 website appears top of the organic listings rather than what did appear the week before, Wikipedia.

Another example is for a search for “football”, appears top of the SERPS due to the fresh content that’s appeared during the day related to this search term, for example:

London 2012: Spurs accused of ‘spying’ by Olympics chief‎‏ – ‎‏2 hours ago
Tomasz Kuszczak accuses Man Utd of ‘slave’ treatment‎‏ – ‎‏6 hours ago
London 2012: Olympic Games legacy promises under fire‎‏ – ‎‏22 minutes ago

Google report this recent update will affect 35% of searches so to ensure you are not affected by this change and make the most of this latest change, here are a few actions to take. The major emphasis is the user will begin to receive the latest related news content associated with their search.

Here are a few suggestions you can employ now to ensure your content takes advantage of this:

Google Trends – Make sure you’re analysing the latest search trends taking place and if affected to your industry, you are responding by updating your content associated with trends and insights

Competitor Analysis – Monitor your competitors and new content they are creating for their website – could this be due to recent search trends and search patterns? This should provide you with creative ideas on how to differentiate your own content

Content Strategy – Now more than ever is a perfect time to employ a content strategy for your online proposition. Be sure you are retaining your links and content and keeping this refreshed with updates and changes.

Blogging – Make use of your company blog to use as a tool to capitalise on latest search trends and patterns by creating and publishing new content, ensuring relevant anchor text links back to your company website.

For more news on this latest update, I’d recommend the latest SEO Moz Whiteboard Friday video

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