Thoughts on The Econsultancy Modern Marketing Manifesto

Econsultancy, a digital marketing research and publishing consultancy released the The Modern Marketing Manifesto – a declaration to assist in re-aligning the marketing function of an organisation, merging the more classical traditional marketing skills with the rise in digital approaches within 12 components.

The 12 components are there to assist small/large organisations in what is defined as the modern marketer, the skillsets expected and the type of interaction and collaboration required to ensure the marketing function is focusing on the key areas – it’s perhaps a map or set of intructions that should be made aware of within the team. The 12 components focus on: Strategy, Brand, Experience, Data, Digital, Personalisation, Technology, Creative, Content, Multi-Screen, Social & Commercial

I am going to suggest a number 13, which should relate to Skillset – The rise in digital marketing has created a wealth of opportunities in engaging with the customer and disrupting traditional organisational structures.

Introducing a Digital Marketing Framework

A recommended framework could be applied within any business that is looking to recruit and develop their digital marketing team, to make sure they are hiring for the right blend of skills. This was taken from a book called Inbound Marketing by Halligan & Shah, and is called theDARC framework.

  • D – Hire Digital Citizens – People that can understand the online environment and can display a working knowledge. It is important your team and individuals can  understand digital tactics and can display examples.
  • A – Hire for Analytics – Understanding of digital trends and have a curious and analytical approach to what impacts product sales or why there has been an increase in traffic levels to a specific web page. They should also have a good understanding of spread-sheets and be able to interpret trends.
  • R – Hire for Web Reach – They can display examples of how passionate they are on a subject area through promoting online, perhaps their hobby or interest through a blog, social media and can display examples of how they have increased traffic to their website or blog using  SEO or paid search or retail products through affiliate marketing
  • C – Hire Content Creators – The importance of good content on a website can be a key USP over your competition so look to hire someone with good writing skills and more importantly can write for the web to engage with users. The internet has removed the barriers to creating content, anyone can now create content and publish it to the world.


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