A Digital Marketing Guide: Monitor & Measure

Using PR Smith’s SOSTAC® Planning Model, stage 5 of your digital marketing planning framework is focused on how to bring  your plan to life, to make actionable measures.

The action section covers what needs to be achieved for each of the tactics listed in the previous section of the SOSTAC® plan to realise the objectives of your digital marketing plan.  Continuing the theme of World Cup 2014 as set out in part 1, Situation Analysis – We have already identified Company X will be focusing on its key strengths:  product range, organisational structure and global operations (as detailed in the SWOT analysis) whilst remaining realistic to its lack of financial resources in comparison to the competition.

For the purpose of this case study, the following tactics were listed and below each tactic, actions have been included to ensure each has been considered before launch. This is not an exhaustive list but provides an outline to what should be considered:

  • SEO

-Keyword analysis – What keywords are we targeting?

-On page optimisation – Of the targeted keywords, we need to optimise the website pages of the micro site to ensure best rankings within Google.

-Link building – Bring together a targeted group of websites to target with similar keywords and are seen as high authority sites.

  • Pay-Per Click

-Keyword analysis – What keywords are we targeting?

-Budget – What budget has been ring-fenced for PPC?

-Landing pages – Do the keywords we are targeting direct customers to the correct webpage.

-Product Availability – Are we communicating with our buyers to ensure we are bidding on keywords associated with products available to purchase?

  • Affiliate Networks

Affiliate Program – What is the competition doing? e.g. commission tiers, online marketing tools made available to publishers, volume of affiliates.

Business Development – Have we built up a working relationship with the affiliate program and will they assist in identifying and recruiting key affiliates to the program.

  • Email Marketing

Tracking/Software – Is the email software tool being used effectively? Are we tracking performance of email delivery and tracking email effectiveness such as click through rates, open rates, conversion to sale?

In a series of blog posts, this is my personal interpretation, created as an overview of the 6 sections of the framework for you to follow and use for your own digital marketing plan. For further information on PR Smith SOSTAC® planning guide, I recommend you purchase the book here

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