Bantr – A social network for football fans

Bantr,  the latest football fans network recently launched and provides a social media platform for supporters who follow the Premiership, Championship, League 1 and League 2 to interact with one another to share concerns and successes of their football team.

For those who follow the beautiful game, football never ceases to drive a view whether it be concerns of our national team or issues involving your domestic team. An example on how much passion football can play was proven in 2007 when another internet venture was launched, –  a scheme to look recruit 50,000 members, each contributing a monthly fee to purchase an English football club, in this case, Ebbsfleet United

The power of Social networks to spread the word of Bantr seems logical, and with the Premier League attracting a global audience, it will now be interesting to hear how subscribers engage with the Bantr platform.

So what are the revenue opportunities open to Bantr? I’ve put together a few thoughts:

Online Store – Opportunity to strategically partner up with a recognised online football store that can provide a wide range of football merchandise to the Bantr audience e.g. or – this could provide Bantr with an immediate revenue stream, servicing their forum users.

Advertising Platform – The importance of “quality” traffic interacting with the Bantr platform would also provide the foundation for advertising opporutnities. Key metrics to ensure “quality traffic” would refer to repeat visits, dwell time, pages per visit, and being football content, this should appeal to a wide demographic of online users – all appealing to advertisers looking to tap into this audience.

Affiliate Program – Launch an affiliate program as a vehicle to promote key product lines that appeal to the Bantr audience which in turn would drive incrmental revenues into the business model

SEO Strategy – There are a number of initiatives that could be introduced here but a key area would be to build a group of dedicated football bloggers that drive relevant content to Bantr – this in turn would help form a strong SEO strategy.

Content is king when it comes to football, and this would be an area where Bantr can maximise and provide content through a syndication program to take ownership of this by driving relevant content to Bantr.

It’s refreshing (and ambitious) to see a football forum covering all the professional divisions as well as European leagues, fingers crossed this takes off

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