Amazon rolls out click & collect initiative

Amazon is the latest online retailer to roll our their own click & collect initiative as reported through the Register which is being rolled out to support their UK and US operations to help solve the issue of customers having to travel to the local post office or courier point to pick up their online orders as they were out of the house at the time of delivery.

The new venture is being dubbed Amazon Lockers and provides a drop-off point where the online giant will place the customer delivery into a designated locker located at US and UK shopping centres. The customer will be able to access the locker after being sent an email with a code to use.

Not only does it provide more of a convenience factor for the online shopper, but it opens up a new market initiatives for Amazon – a few suggestions below:

-High Street Presence – secures a fixed presence on the high street offering visibility of the Amazon brand to shopping centre footfall

-Cross Marketing Intiatives – Opportunities for Amazon to outsource the concept to other online retailers looking to utilise a dispatch point for their own customers to pick up orders from and gain an incremental revenue stream

-Offline Marketing Intiatives – Provides opportunities for (offline)high street retailers to promote their own product promotions by targeting Amazon users e.g. Carphone Warehouse may look to run a direct marketing campaign targeting users of Amazon lockers by sending direct mail to incentivise with a store offer located within the specific shopping centre.

A perfect time for Amazon to roll out this initiative as we move ever nearer to Christmas 2011 trade quarter

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