UK Snow – an opportunity for online retail search campaigns

The arrival of snow hitting the UK this February provides a print opportunity for online retailers to think creatively and look to optimise their digital marketing campaigns around weather.

For search marketing, how could you tap into these severe weather conditions for your SEO strategy? As an example, let’s take a look at how an online clothing retailer that sells seasonal merchandise where its sales volumes are impacted by severe weather. 

  • Keyword Research – open up your preferred keyword research tools (e.g. Google  adwords, Wordtracker) and begin to analyse search volume and competition around key weather search terms. It would also be worthwhile taking a look at weather operators too to understand what keywords they have optimised their content for. I provided a 3 step guide to keyword research in a previous post

  •  Create a tactical product page – From the initial keyword research, look to create a tactical product page within your content management system. This will be the page you will use to target your keywords (analysed from step 1). The keyword research should provide you with the specific terms to determine the page’s url, page title, description and anchor text to be targeted. Within the web page, you should also have a defined range of targeted clothing that appeals within this severe weather period. For example, if this is to be targeting snow keywords, you would be looking to embed outdoor weather (e.g. scarves, jumpers, coats etc). This is also a good time to open up your analytics and record any spikes in product sales that were impacted due to historic cold weather periods e.g. December 2010, January 2011?


  • Partnerships – Look to drive external links to this page through your partner sites, suppliers, brands as well as any digital marketing tactics deployed. For example, look to engage your blog, press releases and social media activity. Ensure the anchor text is related to the keyword research defined in step 1 so you can look to optimise your content and promote this webpage within the SERPS.

This provides a brief actionable plan on how online retailers with “weather” impacted products could capitalise on severe weather outbreaks. More importantly it provides a creative solution to differentiate yourself from your competitors within the same sector.

There have been a number of clothing retailers operating in different sectors that have already embedded campaigns to capitalise on the colder weather examples include sportswear retailer, Outdoor clothing specialist cotswold outdoor and clothing retailer Next – All creating product pages as well as generating awareness through their social media strategies




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