Case Study: Google trends analysis

It seems a month doesn’t go past without the news of spiralling train ticket prices hitting the pockets of commuters and familes.

An answer to this concern? Step up – who took the initiative and offers a USP to the long suffering UK train traveller, a value for money ticket service offering fantastic discounts on UK nationwide train tickets. Providing you’re happy to book in advance, provides a real value for money alternative. recently launched a nationwide TV campaign in 2011 capitalising on the Easter vacation period and into June half term holidays:

After viewing a few of their TV ads, I decided to check out the website and typed in “” – however this domain is registered to a US rock band, under the name of Train. Train formed in 1994 and have to their name an impressive back catalogue of albums and singles.

So how many other potential customers who are engaging with the TV ad and convering their interest online are also mis-typing the domain, confusing with I decided to take a look at some analytics and the following stats are based from March 2011 to present (May 2011):

  • Key: = US Rock band, Train = Trainline Ticket Website

From the graph above displays the number of Google UK searches. It’s clear to see the US rock band is currently leading the charts with a notable rise in search volume during end of March through to June, which coincides with the TV advert. also experienced an uplift in traffic however, comparing March 2011 to May 2011, the gap has grown.

From the Google Trends image above, it also provides an indication on the number of searches for v – apart from a peak in searches towards the end of 2009, , falls below the US rock band.

Interesting to also note that the most popular websites also visited before happen to be:, national rail and nationalexpress.

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