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As the World Wide Web celebrates its 20th year since the first webpage was launched, it seems fitting that a number of initiatives are currently in place to support getting British business online.

BT and Yell, both who have had to adapt to a changing market and adapt their respective corporate strategies with the demands of an ever changing online environment, are leading the charge to provide a “plug and play” solution to support British business with an online presence.

BTTradespace – was launched in 2007 providing an online solution to the thousands of small businesses and individual online sellers with a platform to engage, promote and sell their products and services to a wider online audience.

BTTradespace provides a paid-for or subscription based service allowing the creation of your own online tradespace community page to promote your business through social media tactics. Tradespace provides you with free online tools to assist your business including a blog, podcast, contact information, location map of your business and a click to call facility.

These are all provided to further enhance the BTTradespace page as well as to further engage the thousands of businesses who have launched their tradespace to engage in social media tactics.

Bttradespace page


Since the 2007 launch, this BT initiative has over 350,000 members and according BT, “three quarters of the most popular Tradespaces have updated content within the last month”, an indicator perhaps that user engagement justifies resource put into the majority of Tradespace sites to keep the content fresh. – The ambitions of Yell is to be the “marketing department of the SME in a changing world…aiming to provide SME’s with the advertising tools they need to showcase their businesses through the most relevant and advanced products and services”.

The foundation of this strategy is the launch of Yellsites which was launched to the SME sector providing a tailored website “design and build” solution with more of a focus on integrating online marketing tools best practice such as Search Engine Optimisation



Yellsites offer three packages from a basic package to a premium package based on the requirements of the business user. seem to be focusing on the benefits of Search Engine Optimisation to assist with increasing reach for yellsites.

Both BT and Yell are providing users with viable solutions to further enhance the SME market not only in providing platform to engage with new business opportunities but both looking to differentiate their business offerings through their own unique selling points with a heavy emphasis on social media and Search Engine Optimisation.

To further enhance the initiative in getting British Business Online, Google have launched their own initiative, and and how timely. With the rise in local based search activity now accounting for 20% of all UK searches and Google UK now hitting 92% of search market share, the importance of the Google to business is becoming more and more of an important factor to build brand awareness and to generate incremental revenue streams.

The fact Google is aware of their importance for business can be seen by the number of initiatives it has taken to support the rise in local search such as the Alignment of Google Places

  Local Search Placement

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