– London Underground Campaign

Online dating website, has been running a tube campaign on the London Underground. A perfect campaign to market research and tap into their target market and  to promote their unique selling point: “More relationships and more marriages than any other site” which features on the homepage of the site:

2013-05-27_0801 which was founded in 1993 in the US, identified a gap in the market with the convergence of internet growth and the demand for an online dating service, went through rapid growth over the next decade and in 2004 Guinness World Records recognised as the largest online dating site in the world.

With the growth in online dating there has been a number of new entrants flooding the market all looking to create and define their own USP or niche within this saturated sector. Analysing some key high volume search terms associated with this sector suggest after a rapid rise on search demand (2005-2007) the sector continues to generate a growth in searches. The growth in mobile saw the company quick to react in embracing this digital channel to drive sign-ups and registrations to create a mobile application for Android in 2010 as well as branded apps available on all other smartphone platforms. 


London Underground Campaign

The tube campaign provides with a generic campaign for any traveller of the tube with the promotional URL being:  When the user goes to: – they’re presented with the same  registration details which appear through the main site. This could be a perfect opportunity for to understand in more detail the type of user that registered through campaign

Demographics by tube line  – Running the campaign via different URLs associated with the ad appearing on different tube lines – This could be a great opportunity for to work out even a more in depth analysis on the campaign by optimising their registrations by a number of different factors. e.g.

*Which tube line generated the most sign-ups and conversion to register – Would provide better understanding of which commuter  line appeared to be the most popular offering further and better optimisation of a future campaign to target future registrations.

*Type of user – e.g.: Student, business, tourist  -allowing to optimise the campaign even further with targeted incentives

*Frequency of travel – How many times is the user making this journey on the tube? Do they participate in activities (Gym, theatre, cinema) before and after their commute and locations they choose to go

*Journey of Commute – Which tube stations does the the user commence and end their journey? Would provide the opportunity to target sign-ups by station.




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