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To plan for my LEJOG 14 day cycle route, It was important to lay out a specially defined LEJOG training plan. Not that I was an expert in cycling, but knew that if I was to stand any chance of completing the 14 day cycle and completing the 1000 miles, a cycle training plan was needed.

The LEJOG cycle route we were to follow, organised by Peak Tours, was to follow the National Cycle networks (NCN’s) of the UK, this was ideal as it meant we were to give the major A roads a cold shoulder and stay away from traffic. On the downside, following the NCN route meant lots of hills so it was essential to get a good number of miles completed in the run-up.

Our LEJOG was in April and I began to seriously train for this from January starting by cycling to work Monday – Friday which was an 8 mile round trip and then at weekends using this as a time to get in a longer cycle. I’ve provided a LEJOG training plan below which I hope you’ll find useful that I used over 3 months

Month 1 Training: 

*Monday-Friday = 8 miles a day

*Weekend – One 20 mile cycle

Total miles per week = 60 miles a week

Month 2 Training: 

First 2 weeks of month 2:

*Monday – Friday = 8 miles a day

*Weekends: One 40 mile cycle

Total miles for first 2 weeks: 160 miles

Final 2 weeks of month 2:

*Monday – Friday = 8 miles a day

*Weekends: One 40 mile cycle & One 10 mile cycle over the two days

Total miles for final 2 weeks of month 2: 180 miles

Month 3 Training: 

First 3 weeks:

*Monday – Friday = 8 miles a day

*Weekends: Look to increase your miles by pushing for one 40 to 60 to 80 miles each of the 3 weekends in one day. Then use the following day to complete 10-15 miles

It is important to use the weekends to fit in 2 cycles, ideally a long and shorter cycle ride so your body (and backside!) begins to adapt to the daily grind of what it yet to come. Dont worry too much about the time it takes you to complete the daily miles, it is more important you are completing the route.

Final week: Ensure you take a break before the final run-up to LEJOG. It’s important you take a rest and to give your body time to adapt and recuperate. The above training put me in a great position and would definitely advise cyclists to at least get some degree of training completed as cycling through Devon and Cornwall on the first two days of LEJOG will test everyone out…

Good luck and feel free to get in touch if you need, feel free to take a look at my 14 day LEJOG diary

I would like to thank you for taking the time to read my LEJOG Blog. I hope you’ve found it interesting and feel free to post your thoughts and comments. Once again, thank you for visiting Simon’s LEJOG blog

4 thoughts on “LEJOG Training Plan

  • Thanks for this info, I am doing LEJOG on 6th July 2012 and was looking for some kind of training plan. This is helpful and something to base mine on!

    • Hi Sarah,

      Thanks for taking the time to post. The LEJOG training plan provides an overview on what I completed on a week to week basis. Clearly i am no expert cyclist but I looked to set myself goals to achieve on a weekly basis to put me in good shape to tackle LEJOG. Good luck with your end to end and would love ot hear how it goes


  • This is brilliant advice, I’m doing lejog next year in 14 days on a much different route than the usual and trying to soak up as much advice as possible, i am definitey going to use your plan as a base for my own training and just adapt it for my own use

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