LEJOG Interview: Oli White

Cyclist Oli White is another successful end 2 ender but still classes himself modestly as a “very amateur cyclist” who with 15 friends completed LEJOG for a worthwhile cause in 10 days with a diversion through Buckinghamshire! Oli explains: “We were raising money for Macmillan Nurses, with the goal of rasing £100k, we’re at about £80k so any more would help” You can make a donation at: www.justgiving.com/olionabike
What was your first bike and how old were you?
Oli: “Raleigh Boxer, age 7. I remember being a bit gutted as my mate got a Grifter but i wasn’t big enough”.
How did you get into cycling?
Oli: “I wouldn’t say i was “in to” cycling, even though i just completed LEJOG. I did some triathlons a few years ago and that led me to get a road bike and my cycling improved”.
How many times have you completed the famous end to end?
Oli: “Only once and i think it will be staying that way”.
How much LEJOG training do you do before setting off or are you THAT good to not bother with any?!
Oli: “I’d say just enough. my plan was to train with the goal of getting out of Cornwall and Devon. Then I presumed I would get fit as I went along. I think i just about got away with it but i was never pushing the pace at the front”.
What route did your group take?
Oli: “Our route was a custom build as we added in a trip through our village in Buckinghamshire. It was great to see the family for the night but  i’m sure my bike was trying to turn left when we got to the Bristol area”.
How many punctures have you encountered?
Oli: “4. The highest total for the team, should I be proud of that or is it a sign I didn’t pump my tyres up often enough”.
Most scenic part of the LEJOG trip?
Oli: “From Stirling, up and over the Highlands. We had amazing weather, cool, blue skies, and no wind. It was an amazing experience that part of the world in that weather on a bike”.
What’s the hardest part of the cycle route?
Oli: “Leaving home after night stop over there”.
Any recommendations on places to stay along the route?
Oli: “We were lucky enough to stay in the Stirling Highland Hotel, it was amazing, pure luxury”.
Apart from your bike, what other must have essential piece of equipment can you not live without when completing the route?
Oli: “Cycle shirt with big pockets. I carried a good sized picnic most days in those pockets and it was always nice to find the odd surprise. The best waterproof clothing you can find”!
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