LEJOG Interview: Cyclist Gareth Donovan

Cyclist Gareth returned the the sport in his 30’s after becoming  bored of his regular visits to the gym. Gareth recalls his LEJOG route and story below including his training routine and the fact he completed the famous end 2 end without suffering any punctures!

What was your first bike and how old were you?

Gareth “First one i remember was a 5 speed “Sun Solo”, when I was about 10″

How did you get into cycling?

Gareth: “Got back into cycling in my mid 30s after I was left some money when a family member died. I had been using exercise bikes in a gym and thought it was silly to be inside doing it on a gorgeous sunny day”.



How many times have you completed the famous end to end?

Gareth: “Once, the LEJOG route in 9 days”

How much LEJOG training do you do before setting off or are you THAT good to not bother with any?!

Gareth: “I trained for over 6 months, over the winter, but picked up an it band injury with 4 weeks to go, which meant I was off the bike until the start line. the base fitness got me through, even with both knees going after 3 days”.



Roughly how many punctures have you encountered?

Gareth: “Zero punctures and that’s because I rely on good Old Gatorskins”!


Most scenic part of the LEJOG trip?

Gareth: “Glen Coe / Scottish Highlands – head and shoulders above the rest”


What’s the hardest part of the trip

Gareth: “Cycling through Cornwall and Devon was physically hard due to the constant up and down of the terrain, and the section from Gretna to Moffat was mentally hard due to the awful road surface and long straight sections”.

Apart from your bike, what other must have essential piece of equipment can you not live without when completing LEJOG?

Gareth: “Good quality cycling kit, so you can layer up on changeable days, especially. Oh, and 2 plastic bags to put in your shoes when it’s freezing and wet to keep your feet warm!”

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