LEJOG – Day 13 – Inverness to Altnaharra

Scottish Highlands

Day 13: Inverness – Altnaharra – 66 Miles

Bleary eyed from the previous day’s LEJOG cycling, the morning saw us navigate through the city of Inverness as we followed Nick and over the Kessock bridge which is where we joined up with the national cycle network.

The cycle network continues to follow the main A9 out of Inverness and then lead us back out into countryside and quiet country lanes leading onto Conan Bridge and Dingwall. After a quick brew we began to ascend the “Struie” which provided fantastic scenery overlooking Dornoch Firth.

Cycling into Sutherland

We continued downhill (yeah!) and entered Sutherland, the historic administrative county of Scotland.

The next unplanned stop was 5 miles later at Bonar Bridge where, after passing a couple walking their dog, the dog decided to take a fancy to Peter’s tyres and began to chase us along the road…Shouts from the owner alerted us to stop and we managed to retrieve their pet from harm, our good deed done for the day. It was also another excuse to take a breather and open up another handy pack of haribos (are you looking for a sponsor?)

The afternoon cycling was to venture into the remotest parts of Scotland in the blazing heat and towards our final destination, Altnaharra.  For 20 miles we encountered no traffic let alone people, a perfect time to enjoy some LEJOG cycling without interruption.

Onto Altnaharra

Before arriving at Altnaharra, we cycled through Crask which consists of the remotest pub in the UK, the aptly named, Crask Inn which is where most of the group would be staying. The Crask Inn boasted its own generator, boarding house and was managed by a friendly couple who provided a 3 course home cooked meal which included a hearty bowl of soup, Venison and various cheeses – you could not ask for more although I still found space for a Mars Bar and a few bags of haribos.

I was joined by my wife, Oonagh who had travelled up from Bristol and we stayed at the only B&B in the village of Altnaharra, a further 6 miles from the Crask. As Altnaharra is one of the main routes for cyclists who do LEJOG, they take bookings 8 months in advance. It was interesting to hear stories of cyclists who begin their LEJOG tour, get to Bristol train station and decide they can’t continue and so have to call the Altnaharra B&B to cancel their booking!

So with one day to go, it was another early sleep

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