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The cycle trek we decided to take for our LEJOG route with Peak Tours was to cover 990 miles, however due to a few wrong turns we managed to break the 1000 miles in total. A Lands End to John O’ Groats cycle can be achieved in 874 miles, however this requires keeping to the busy roads, something we were not too interested in, however the positive would be a lot less hills!

We opted for following the National Cycle Network (NCN) to provide us with the cycle route of choice as we meandered through the countryside of England, Wales and Scotland. For anyone looking to encounter a pleasant a cycle route as possible, I would definitely recommend the countryside views, even if it means having to cycle an additional 30 miles or so to achieve LEJOG.

The LEJOG route provided by Peak Tours was to take 14 days of cycling, starting our cycle at around 8.30am and ending at 4.30 each day. This included a break for lunch where Peak Tours provided an excellent packed lunch, usually provided within a pub car park, so access to a quick pint at lunch was always available – should you even want to consider it.

Our 14 day cycling adventure would see us cycle through some of the most fantastic  countryside in the UK via the LEJOG Route but this also had its issues as “fantastic countryside” = hills. The route taken is listed below and also provided is a LEJOG diary of events for each day:

LEJOG Day 1: Land’s End to Fowey: 64 miles

LEJOG Day 2: Fowey to Moretonhampstead: 60 miles

LEJOG Day 3: Mortonhampstead to Glastonbury: 74 miles

LEJOG Day 4: Glastonbury to Monmouth: 65 miles

LEJOG Day 5: Monmouth to Clun: 57 miles

LEJOG Day 6: Clun to Runcorn: 80 miles

LEJOG Day 7: Runcorn to Slaidburn: 64 miles

LEJOG Day 8: Slaidburn to Keswick: 75 miles

LEJOG Day 9: Keswick to Moffat: 72 miles

LEJOG Day 10: Moffat to Loch Lomond: 83 miles

LEJOG Day 11: Loch Lomond to Glencoe: 66 miles

LEJOG Day 12: Glencoe to Inverness: 83 miles

LEJOG Day 13: Inverness to The Crask: 66 miles

LEJOG Day 14: The Crask to John O’ Groats: 82 miles

I would like to thank you for taking the time to read my LEJOG Blog. I hope you’ve found it interesting and feel free to post your thoughts and comments. Once again, thank you for visiting Simon’s LEJOG blog

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