Key Tactics for your Content Marketing Strategy

Content marketing is rapidly becoming a key tactic for digital organisations in supporting their aspirations for increasing engagement, traffic and raising brand awareness.The purpose of the content marketing plan is to provide a system to support the creation and development of content for the website and to join up the various digital tactics used by the organisation to assist with the reach target. A report conducted by the Content Marketing Institute found that:

  • 9 out of 10 organisations market their content through digital channels
  • 60% of respondents reported an intention to increase spending on content marketing within the next 12 months
  • A recent survey by Econsultancy reported that 90% of respondents  saw content marketing becoming more important to their organisation in terms of resource and budget.

So what are the key tactics to consider for your content marketing plan:

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) – Content marketing should be integrated with your SEO strategy in driving visit traffic to the digital content. To create optimised content pages for SEO, it is essential the content is relevant to the audience you are looking to target. Relevance is the degree to which the content of the web pages are found through a search engine query and Popularity refers to the importance of the content as measured through the online referencing.

Editorial Calendar – An editorial calendar is essential for any successful content strategy in order to plan in advance in what content should be delivered at what time throughout the year. It helps deliver the right types of content and schedules content production. Without an effective editorial calendar, you don’t have a platform to launch and measure your content in targeting your online audience so it’s essential there is an understanding of the communities you’re looking to target and interact with.

Seasonal trends – Being aware of seasonal trends is also important to drive relevant search volumes through-out the year such as event specific keywords and industry specific content for example sporting events and product launches.


Content Team – Ensure you have the right internal resource in place. The DARC model highlights four key areas according to Halligan et al (2010) when forming a digital team:

  • Hiring for digital citizens – it’s important your organisation recruits for the right digital skills to support the website.
  • Hire for analytics – Essential skills are in place to monitor the key performance indicators.
  • Hire for Web reach – measuring for reach is essential for the performance of the content plan.
  • Hire for Content creators –With a content management system in place, it is important content creators are being used to assist in generating web reach through articles. Your organisation needs to get more in depth than the DARC framework such as  hiring of content writers and creators as well as creating an official post of Chief content officer.

A recent survey by Econsultancy highlighted the main barriers preventing companies from using content marketing effectively were:


A majority of the issues highlighted relate to resource, lack of training, lack of understanding and the correct internal knowledge in what content marketing involves.

Audience Profile – Understanding your audience is a key to ensure the content being created appeals to the audience you’re looking to attract.  Begin to build up a profile of the type of customer/s that interact with your brand.

Content Management System (CMS) – Having a CMS in place is essential to drive a content plan but also to help drive reach through tactics. The CMS should be used as a central place to organise, manage, retrieve and archive information content throughout the life of the website.


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