Google acquires Wavii to service demand for real-time content

Google is back on the acquisition trail, this time buying up Seattle-based start-up Wavii which specialises in “natural language processing”, a system in which computers interpret how a human communicates. Wavii differentiates its product offering by personalising users news feeds tailored to their chosen themes and interest. Wavii has seeked to customise their users content feeds based by their Facebook profile, but that could now all change.


Wavii also provides Google to establish the search organisation with a market leading “real time search” function to meet the growing global demand for the consumption of news and content. Real-time search has been a missing product of the Google port folio ever since the strategic alliance with Twitter came to an endin 2011 and in doing so provided Twitter with a unique proposition in establishing the social media platform as the platform of choice for users who wish to devour real time information tailored to their interests and news items.


Google’s competitors have also been making movement too – Both Facebook and Yahoo have also added to their proposition in satisfying their own users requirements for “real time” information with the launch of Facebook Opengraph and Yahoo acquiring Summly – which allows the user to browse their tailored news items into a concise summary. Apple have also been making movement in real time information with developments to their Siri platform.

Real time new Agency

Wavii provides an opportunity for Google to launch their own real-time news agency – delivering real time news and content to it’s users. It provides Google with a level of differentiation from more established and traditional news agencies that depend on a team of journalists and in meeting brand and editorial guidelines before a news piece is released through the wires, thus slowing the process down and lag time.

Google now has a real time alternative with Wavii as it provides a platform to get ground breaking news out to the masses through this partnership, meeting the growing demand for tailored content for a global audience keen to consume data.

Google has the perfect platform to accelerate the growth of Wavii by integrating this platform within Google+ to offer and real-time search function. Google+ is the fastest growing social media platform that also has the insight to tailor data, search trends and shopping habits around it’s users.




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