Book Review: Ctrl, Alt Delete – Reboot your life – Part 1 of 2

The connected economy, the economy we are now living in has levelled the playing field in the corporate world for those of us who want to take the initiative, take the lead, try new opportunities, break-down organisational silos – we  now have the perfect platform to make that more of a reality.

Mitch Joel, author of Ctrl Al Delete assesses this new dawn and what it means to in order to survive, adapt and embrace the new world of the connected economy and more importantly, how to re-position your lifestyle in his brilliant book.



The aim of the book is to answer the question: Do you want to be employable in the next five years?

Ctrl Al Delete is divided into two key sections – Reboot your business & Reboot Yourself – for part 1 of my book review, this post focuses on Reboot Yourself and in part 2 i’ve focused on Reboot Your Business. Here  some key takeaways that inspired me for Reboot Yourself:

You are about to Lose your job – The mindset many people grapple with is the anxiety of losing your job. Those that wish to follow a list of instructions, like to keep their head down and don’t wish to disrupt or not question authority are perhaps creating themselves a route to become unemployable in this new digital age…the alternative? It’s time to change your outlook and embrace a mindset of acting like a start-up organisation –  in which Joel lists the following attributes to succeed:

Look to the edges – Don’t wait for permission from your line manager or an instruction manual to be told what to do next in the workplace, take the initiative and ask yourself what is the company I am working for not doing that perhaps I could be creating value? Where could I provide an opportunity that the organisation has not yet discovered and provide added value?

Invest in yourself – Receiving an annual pay rise whilst you continue to stay loyal and churn out your job description was just fine 10 years ago, but you should be assessing whether the job you’re doing is really going to be still in demand in the next 5 to 10 years? Could it be automated? Will there be a need for this? Is it  just people management post?

What you should not be afraid of is to re-skill, to adapt to a new career path that may mean a drop in salary but it will mean an opportunity to become indispensable.

Align with the right people – As you create your start-up mindset, ensure you’re connecting with the people that are re-defining new ways to do business, that provide inspiration and empowerment and offer support and encouragement to you. Look to surround yourself with like-minded individuals also willing to embrace new opportunities.

Embrace your squiggle – It’s an assumption made by people that changing jobs and switching industries is a reckless way to manage your career – What we should be doing is embracing this and building on following our instincts. Don’t stand still, understand what is successful and embrace it and don’t be afraid to change career or job – what you’re told in school was how to succeed in an industrial revolution mindset – thankfully that’s now obsolete.

Joel: “There is no time like the present to embrace the start-up mentality. No jobs are safe because very few industries are safe. Everything as we have known it to date is going through a massive shift in digitization and mobility. The reality is that some of the biggest organisations in the marketplace today are hiring fewer and fewer people because they simply need less people to generate the same kinds of revenue”.

We are kissing goodbye to a bygone era, the industrial economy, an economy that was instilled into us from an early age at school, where you were taught to keep your head down, to follow the rule book and not to answer back. In return you would be rewarded  with a secure job for life and a handsome pension – those days are long gone. If you’re looking for a wake-up call on how you can redefine yourself to embrace this new era, go buy, borrow, beg for a copy of Ctrl Alt Delete

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