Bantr hits the back of the net


Following on from the launch of Bantr v1 in 2011,  Football’s favorite social website has revealed an upgrade from it’s initial launch and now provides a more enriched proposition to a global football / soccer audience. As well as catering for the online user, the game has now been adapted to be compatible with the growing usage of mobile with the roll out of an app on the  iPhone. The new and improved onlnie Bantr environment is pitched as a mash-up of Twitter and Facebook-type social media applications bespoke in a football-supporter type environment. Applications include a timeline of football team comments from other supporters, number of followers of your club as well as the opportunity to rate your thoughts on the performance of the manager and players.


From it’s initial launch, The UK start-up behind Bantr attracted 15,000 users to the beta testing, this provided a wealth of opportunities to fine tune and user test the game to a well defined target audience. From the extensive usability testing, Bantr delivers not only multi platform gaming but also is equipped to:

  • attract a global audience to a global proposition
  • allows fans to follow all the teams and matches they care about on one website and app
  • aggregates opinion and votes in real-time to show true #FanOpinion on manager approval, player performance and key match incidents.

By adapting the proposition towards social media take-up, this provides Bantr with a USP in differentiating itself within the already competitive “football fan” market – According to IAB report through Econsultancy, 35% of sports fans agree they are more likely to have a positive opinion on sports related brands that they access via social platforms, suggesting Bantr is serving a recognised audience through social.

Secondly, it’s necessary to create a global proposition especially when launching into the football sector as Mintel recently reported that the Premier League TV audience current balance only attracts 22% form the UK and Asia now accounting for 35% of the viewing audience and more importantly with the demand for real time updates and news, mobile may well become the platform of choice in meeting this real time demand for news – a perfect position for Bantr to capitalise.


As well as live feeds from matches in 15 global leagues, Bantr brings together fans to discuss and vote on the action and wider issues in the game.

Creating a Bantr account is simple – either by setting up a profile through your Facebook account or entering your email address and password. Once signing in has been completed and you’ve created your personal profile, you can then choose your favourite football club where you will be re-directed to the team landing page. As well as your chosen club you can also create a favourites list of football teams which you can follow too. Other tools include:

  • Timeline – follow a timeline of other supporters of your team/s
  • Customised feeds – not only following the Premier League, users can build their own customised feeds e.g. create your own network of clubs like Liverpool, Barca and Exeter City
  • Live voting – discuss and vote on the major issues of the game being played in real time, as the game happens
  • Competitions- Bantr now includes all 4 English leagues, SPL, FA Cup, League  Cup, Champions League Europa and key other key domestic European leagues


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