5 reasons why Amazon launched ‘send to kindle’

Amazon launched a new feature available for bloggers and news sites to download and feature on their platforms, a ‘send to kindle’ feature. The feature provides users the opportunity to save online articles and stories for later and view through their Kindle .

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This is a savvy move by Amazon, providing the e-tailer with insights into their walled garden of Kindle users and a test-bed in providing key analytical trends in online user behaviour, key insights into how users engage with other websites, blogs and digital platforms and what content is sent to their kindle device. The recent acqusition by Amazon of Goodreads, a social book discovery website, will provide the e-tail giant with a wealth of insights into users personal reading lists.

Here are my thoughts on 5 key reasons on the launch of ‘send to kindle’

1) Kindle adoption  – An article in Bloomberg Business Week commented that e-books are now a multi-billion dollar industry for Amazon, with year on year growth up 70% (2011 v 2012).  With the number of kindle versions available to purchase, adoption for this device is now mainstream and provides a real alternative to the traditional formats of digesting news stories.

2) The growth in social media now accounts for 23% of all time spent online in the UK according to a report by Econsultancy/Ofcom with nearly 10% of news sites’ traffic originating from Facebook according to Hitwise. Social Media is becoming a test-bed for anaytics and online user behaviour and Amazon has the perfect platform in interacting and engaging with with this channel.

3) Analytics tool – A key driver is the analytics it will provide Amazon in what users are saving and sending to their kindle devices, helping to help build a profile of every Kindle user. Amazon already knows who owns what device (through registration) and who buys what products (through Kindle store past purchases), but it also can analyse your frequency of purchase, AOV, your interest in what publisher, preference of online news source, frequency of Kindle use and the location of user

What ‘send to kindle’ provides is real time interest in real time news, stories or comments found online by the user. And most importantly, it knows what other sites users are engaging with, helping Amazon fine tune their products and promotions tailored to your interests. Don’t be surprised to see a digital personas created around  “send to kindle” user groups (e.g. demographics, age, location, shopping habits, most popular websites viewed).

4) Affiliate sales – Opportunity to drive the Amazon affiliate program by creating partnerships with news/content sites that drive the highest engagement through ‘send it kindle’ – through analysis, Amazon can begin to segment the key influential websites that help drive engagement of the tool

5) Re-inventing the book publishing industry – In a previous post on my blog, I discussed how the new connected economy is moving us away from the industrial era and at the same time, innovative companies are standing up and re-defining how business was once done within certain industries. Amazon is a good example of one such company who has looked to re-define book publishing with the launch of Domino Project.


The beauty of the Domino Project is that it removes the barriers to entry for so many would-be book publishers – it creates innovation and creativity to lead rather than how you plan to fund the publishing of your book. All are published and can only be bought and read through your Kindle device. Compliment this with ‘Send to kindle’ and it offers a fantastic opportunity to crowd-source ideas and themes for new projects.





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