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A preferred and popular digital marketing framework is the PR Smith’s SOSTAC® Planning Model, voted 3rd most popular marketing model by the CIM. Previously I have written blog posts on creating a framework geared for your retention strategy or acquisition strategy but SOSTAC® is a framework to help define your over-arching digital activity.

Created in the 1990’s by writer and speaker PR Smith, the SOSTAC® framework has built an authoritative reputation as the framework of choice for both multi-national and start-up organisations across the world. For digital marketing, it’s a framework that has stood the test of time mainly due to the simplicity and actionable insights it offers to an organisation. SOSTAC® covers six key areas:

1.0 – Situation analysisWhere are we now? Where is the organisation in the current market-place?

2.0 – ObjectivesWhere do we want to go and move the organisation towards? SMART objectives will be introduced to provide a more realistic timeframe and motivation in meeting the objective/s

3.0 – Strategy How are we planning to get to the end goal? How do we plan to fulfil and meet the objectives mentioned?

4.0 – TacticsThis links into Strategy section answering the question what tactics will be used to meet the overall strategy e.g. the digital marketing channels to be used and how they will be used.

5.0 – Action – How we plan to put all the activities to work – this summarises the actual work e.g. how each digital channel will be implemented, who in the team will be doing what and how this will be delivered within a specific timeframe

6.0 – Control – How we plan to measure, monitor and manage the campaign and what will success look like (relating back to the Objectives section). Each tactic will be included here to explain how each toolset will be controlled.

In a series of blog posts, this is my personal interpretation, created as an overview of the 6 sections of the framework for you to follow and use for your own digital marketing plan. For further information on PR Smith SOSTAC® planning guide, I recommend you purchase the book here


This post provides an actionable plan in creating your own digital marketing strategy in 6 easy steps. I provide you with individual posts to guide you through this process

Building a Digital Marketing Plan

How to build a digital marketing plan in 6 steps

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