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Simon Swan
Hello, I’m Simon Swan. A digital marketing and Business Development professional with over 10 years experience working for private and public sector organisations, leading and developing digital strategies.

As well as working for International brands, I am a guest presenter speaking at digital events across the UK and a regular contributor to industry leading digital forums including: SmartInsights.com and Econsultancy. I recently completed a Masters in Digital Marketing with Econsultancy and Manchester Metropolitan University.

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Digital Consultancy

Hands on digital marketing support

Every business has it’s own unique identity as well as corporate goals and drivers. Understanding your objectives and the digital sector you operate in is essential so as to provide the right strategy and metrics to measure performance. If you are looking for support in your digital strategy and goals as well as the specific digital tactics to consider such as SEO, Content marketing, Affiliate marketing, Email, mobile, analytics and Social Media – I provide support through distance working or face to face within your organisation.


Digital Strategy

Digital Strategy

How to create the right digital strategy to meet your objectives.

Having a digital marketing strategy is essential to ensure it’s assisting to deliver on specific objectives. The rise in the number of different digital channels available to target your customer base continues to grow and without a sound framework in place to manage, monitor and measure organisation performance, not having a digital strategy could prove disastrous.

Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation

Is your organisation bought into digital and do you have the right culture in place?

The era of the Industrial Revolution and how many organisations (and their cultures) operate is in turmoil. In its place is the connected economy and the emergence of digital centralising itself within organisations.

Digital Branding

Digital Branding

Is your brand equipped for a digital future?

Moving companies to embrace the digital age requires a cultural shift within an organisation and what your brand stands for to a digital audience. Where brand loyalty was once a successful ingredient towards brand survival, this has been replaced by an impatient digital audience expecting to be delighted by brands that create remarkable products and services and they frankly don’t care if the brand is well established or not.


  • Digital Brand Strategist

    Digital Brand Strategist

    Through his generous contributions to Smart Insights, Simon is one of those rare marketers who blends a passion and understanding for the importance of brand strategy with a deep knowledge of tactics to engage consumers using individual digital channels which is needed to make ROI effective

    Dave Chaffey
    CEOSmart Insights

  • A can do attitude

    A can do attitude

    I have known Simon for approximately 8 years and have have worked with him on a number of reciprocal partnerships. He is pleasure to work with and is tremendously passionate and knowledgeable about the online/ecommerce space.  He has a can do attitude and was an essential part of our successful partnership

    Jason Russell
    Managing DirectorMagentity

  • A very successful relationship

    A very successful relationship

    I had the pleasure of regular contact with Simon for a number of years during his time at both Kitbag and Subside Sports. His enthusiasm, regular contact and detailed briefings ensured a very successful relationship – which not only brought business to the companies he represented, but also assisted the development of my own – which led on to be a very beneficial partnership.

    John Dowling
    Web Developer

  • An expert eCommerce professional

    An expert eCommerce professional

    I found Simon to be an expert eCommerce professional experienced in a number of diverse fields. He’s an excellent team player willing to share his knowledge, very good listener, and always keeps himself on top of the latest developments online. Though not his strongest trait, he’s not too bad at five-a-side either.

    Julian Moskov
    Head of Search

  • A great guy to have in your team

    A great guy to have in your team

    Simon’s a great guy to have in your team, he’s enthusiastic and always give in 110% effort. Simon learn the online marketing trade really well and did a lot of self taught himself which just shows his keen attitude to work and personal development. I would recommend Simon for any position.

    Shaf Butt
    DirectorJumeirah Group

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